Input buffer for Hypex NCore NC2K

  • Gain: 14 dB resulting in 34 dB of total gain (20 dB of gain from NC2k itself)
  • Noise: 30 ┬ÁV
  • Input impedance: 47 kOhm
  • Compact fit into NC2k with no extra space required
  • KuSy Audio designed voltage regulators
  • High-end audio Vishay Dale RN55D resistors
  • LM4562 based input stage as suggested by Hypex for best results and neutral sound
  • Manually assembled and individually tested to meet our requirements

Please note this buffer requires the SMPS (e.g. SMPS3kA700) to provide its auxiliary voltages as unregulated. This is a standard requirement for any buffered Hypex amplifier (e.g. NC1200 which has similar buffer built-in). The information regarding auxiliary voltages and how you can switch between regulated and unregulated can be found on 11th page of the SMPS3kA700 datasheet (please refer to 7.5 Aux voltage selection).

The buffer is plug & play, the visible 2×5 IDC connector should be directly connected to the SMPS and its 2×5 IDC connector and 4-pin next to it on the right is an analogue input for audio. The pinout of both perfectly matches Hypex specification and their cables.

Pinout of the 4-pin audio input:

1 Analogue in INH: non-inverting audio input
2 Analogue in INC: inverting audio input
3 Not used
4 Ground

Price: 125 EUR excl. VAT