About Us

Our adventure with audio began when we were teenagers. During master’s studies, we meet for the first time. So far, we have been communicating through the diyaudio.pl forum.
Over time, after building many audio projects, such as speakers, amplifiers and other, we decided to start the KuSy Audio project.

KuSy Audio is not only a place where you can buy regular amplifiers or DIY parts. We would like to provide and share a new vision, new technologies and new rules to overcome stereotypes and borders in the audio universe.

Our team consists of two guys, Konrad and Marcin. Together, we obtain the bachelor’s and master’s degree of applied computer science. We work as software developers.


Low level software programmer, FPGA architect, RE enthusiast. His hobby includes building unique projects which due to complexity are hardly considered by others. One of his flaw is being pedantic which usually leads to testing a project for more time than it was initially designed in.


DIY enthusiast. He did build a lot of amplifiers and speakers. Likes to read sci-fi and fantasy. Leads an active lifestyle. Trained football for 7 years. Loves to ski. One of his passions is motorcycle traveling. Likes order and he is a perfectionist. Reasonably admits that the impossible does not exist.

Wish us luck and keep your finger crossed.

The KuSy Audio team